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  • Medical support to help you achieve and sustain your optimal weight by gradually changing your eating habits.

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  • A broad range of low carb. products with a high fibre and protein content and a low glycaemic index.

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    Eurodiet is a personalized weight management method under the supervision of a health professional enables global nutritional reprogramming.


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    A global nutritional reprogramming under the supervision of a health professional.


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    Read the success stories of our patients. They’ve been able to put off weight under Medical supervision...



    Want to lose weight after trying several diets? Want to get slim and stay slim?


    Going on a slimming diet is bound to affect your health in some way or another. We at Eurodiet advise  people to consult a physician or a healthcare professional before going on a weight-loss diet.  The Eurodiet method is more than just a means of losing weight: it involves taking a completely new look at people’s overall nutritional habits, thanks to the expert supervision provided.

    Throughout the duration of your weight loss program, you will be assisted by your physician, whose role will be:

    • to accompany you,
    • to help you avoid the pitfalls associated with dieting,
    • to ensure that you are losing weight according to plan (without the loss of lean mass),
    • to check that you keep in good health.

    Eurodiet also supplies a wide range of products designed to help you enjoy what you eat: products full of protein with a low-carb and low-sugar content, which can be combined with normal food.

    Eurodiet’s products have been specially formulated for people on diets of the following kinds:

    •   high-protein ketogenic diets,
    •  and low-calorie, low-carb (low-sugar) diets.

    Look at what our patients have to say: having succeeded in losing weight with the help of their physicians, they are our best spokesmen.


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