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Medical supervision

A scientifically driven method

The Eurodiet method has been devised by doctors for doctors ever since it was launched in 1998. And it has always been developed on stringent and solid scientific principles.

The result is product quality determined by the inherent scientific expertise behind the Eurodiet method, not the other way round. As such, the pre-formulation specifications must conform to strict scientific criteria, depending on whether or not the product is intended for use by subjects with ketosis.

The doctor-patient relationship

Doctors undergo extensive scientific training, but their consultations with patients must create a rapport. An empathic relationship is a major factor in ensuring that the Eurodiet method delivers effective long-term results.

Not only has the method been devised by an increasing number of doctors worldwide, it is used by them, too. The feedback from the real-world experience of thousands of doctors is still used to further develop and continually improve the Eurodiet method.

Networks of doctors and healthcare professionals

Each country has a network of therapists who can discuss and compare their practical experiences of the method and enhance their individual techniques.

It is known that the manifold and wide-ranging repercussions arising from obesity management require a multidisciplinary approach. GPs and specialists, naturopaths, psychiatrists, psychologists, and chemists, all offer reciprocal expertise and can grow from each other’s skills and experience.

Therapeutic training

Training in the method for healthcare professionals starts with 3 skill stages that provide trainees with the scientific and technical knowledge needed to use the dietetic and behavioural tools available from Eurodiet.

Further training looks at a large number of overweight- and obesity-related themes, ranging from the different treatments for children, teens and the aged, a more in-depth study of the link between obesity and inflammation, and through to our understanding of the physiology behind satiety.

An amalgam of global medical practices

The Eurodiet method quickly spread across Europe and around the globe, and is currently used in over 20 countries. The effect of this rich multicultural mix has been to add and incorporate specific features of local therapeutic care into the method, which doctors and therapists from other countries have then been able to apply.

Some examples are the doctors in Belgium who helped formulate the first-consultation management protocol, or the internists from Norway who provided morphological portion indicators, etc.

The Mental Profiler is a questionnaire-based tool that monitors psycho-behavioural aspects of weight loss. It was launched in 2009, after being developed over a two-year period in association with therapeutics professor Dr Gérard Ostermann from Bordeaux, who has also written a number of medical works on addiction.

In-house medical department

Each country has a medical consultant who coordinates training programmes at national level and localizes the method to suit specific cultural circumstances. This has gained some consultants a nationwide reputation, such as Dr Fedon Lindberg in Norway, Dr Eva Orsmond in Ireland, and Dr Dionysios Vlachos in Greece, among others.

A medical management department in Luxemburg coordinates the training programmes and harmonises feedback from the international networks of doctors and healthcare professionals.

This department is the cornerstone of the Eurodiet method, expertly overseeing the influx of international scientific and medical knowledge and working closely with the Research and Development department.

Scientific and medical research

With a number of studies having been, and still being, carried out in many countries (e.g. Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Germany) into the effectiveness of the Eurodiet method on various indications, including, of course, obesity and type-2 diabetes, scientific recognition of the Eurodiet method is linked to the names of eminent specialists such as emeritus professor Arne T. Hørsmark, professor Alain Golay and professor Nikolaos Katsilambros.

Our medical management team issues statements to and is in dialogue with European and international opinion leaders in the fields of obesity and nutrition, and each country’s medical networks have their own relationships with national opinion leaders.

On a final note, Eurodiet has been a participant at European and world obesity conferences since 2005.

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