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Eurodiet: a medically supervised weight management method

Dieting in view of slimming is not without consequences on one’s health.

Certain diets can, in fact, generate major deficiencies in essential nutrients or vitamins, thus giving rise to tiredness, sudden blood-pressure drops, lack of muscle tone, loss of mineral elements. Others may even have deleterious effects for the kidneys and induce more or less severe health disorders. This is why it is important to be monitored by a health professional. Eurodiet recommends that all programmes aimed at loosing weight be monitored by health professionals.


The Eurodiet methods recommends that each patient be provided with an adequate nutritional intake, without any deficiencies and/or excess in macronutrients, vitamins, mineral elements or fatty acids.... The Eurodiet method also involves eating "ordinary” foods such as vegetables as from the beginning, foods from other groups being gradually reintroduced to prevent any deficiency or excess. These guidelines and the individual patient monitoring are unique and mean that the Eurodiet method will not harm the health of patients following it.


Health professionals specifically trained to use the Eurodiet method will know exactly the right amount of protein to prescribe, depending on each patient’s weight, metabolism and condition.

The Eurodiet methods provides for muscle mass preservation at the expense of the fat mass. The Eurodiet method enables the clinical, biological, behavioural and psychological management of each patient.

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